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Oh Snap! GadgetGenie.com is live.

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We’re GadgetGenie – your one stop online and local repair shop! We specialize in mobile device repairs that require micro soldering, but branch out to all kinds of repairs to all kinds of devices. Mobile devices tend to be easier to ship, however – and often play a huge utility role in many people’s lives. Plus, with our focus in logic board work we’re able to effectively fix some of the more dreaded issues plaguing mobile devices on today’s market. (Ex: ‘No Touch’ Disease on the iPhone 6/6 Plus – which is still one of the more popular phones, even with the iPhone 7/7 Plus having been released for a while.)

While we are headquartered in and locally service the greater Seattle-Tacoma area, it is within our ambitions to reach out to customers and businesses on an online, nationwide scale. In other words, we started as a small, local business and now we have requests from customers all over the country asking us to fix their devices. Not only that, but even other repair shops contact us and sends us repairs that require micro soldering. With competitive, flexible pricing and free shipping on complex repairs – it benefits the customer and the repair shop!

Our outreach also extends to schools and other parts of the community. We’re here to help in the only way we know how – by fixing the crap out of stuff! The recycle and trade-in program we offer also ensures your devices do not end up in a landfill, especially harmful batteries. We take “waste not, want not” to heart as we restore devices to like-new condition in a very ‘Frankenstein’-esque manner.

All our technicians have years of experience and a penchant for tinkering. No project is too big, nor task too tall – and each one brings a unique, personalized skillset to our organization. While individual people may have gaps and flaws, our team has been cumulating for the very purpose of being able to off-set those with each other’s respective strengths and talents.

One trait our technicians all share would be professionalism and transparency. At the end of the day, there is no better feeling than honest work. We are already undercutting our competition on the clear majority of repair pricing, and then take it a step further with our ‘No Fix, No Fee’ policy. (AKA “If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay for it.”) Not only that, but we feel the need to evaluate all devices before we repair them to see if they would even be worth fixing! Being honest and simply helping people is something that all of us here at GadgetGenie are passionate about.

‘Fanatical customer service’ is what you could call our genuine dedication, if you really wanted to – because that’s exactly what we do! We believe the only way we can grow as a business is if we provide top notch, ‘extra mile’ customer service to every single customer that ships us a device or walks through our doors. As an organization, we would not even be here if it were not for the help and support of our customers. We want to help and provide personal solutions for as many people as we can!

As our genie mantra dictates, “You wish it, we fix it!”

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