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Fast Mobile Repair by Expert Techs in Kent, WA

Most repairs within an hour or less with lifetime warranty.


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Kent, WA

Need your device serviced in a hurry?

We are a professional gadget repair and warranty center that specializes in micro soldering and dead device data recovery, among a multitude of other repair services for your Android, iPhone, tablet, PC, or anything else with a power button!

  • “No Fix, No Fee” Policy That means no fuss! Our talented technicians have seen just about every issue imaginable. We’ll figure out the solution or you don’t pay a dime.
  • Lifetime Warranty We offer a lifetime warranty on most repairs, and when you’re ready to trade-in for something new – we got you covered there, too!
  • Fanatical Customer Service We’re obsessed with customer service and finding the right solution for every customer and every situation. It’s in our DNA and drives us every day.


Full service repair shop

While we primarily focus on mobile devices, such a smartphones and tablets, we are always open to taking on new and exciting challenges that spans almost any conceivable device or repair.

  • Broken screen/LCD
  • Charging ports
  • Water damage
  • Data recovery
  • Camera/Button
  • Unlocking services
  • iOS & Android


Come visit us

Partnered with an authorized dealer of MetroPCS, we have the space to house a team of expert technicians and the equipment to offer repairs and services for all your device needs.

Address2016 S 320th St, Ste O
Federal Way, WA 98003
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Phone: 253.336.4043

Mail Ins

We thrive off customer service and interaction, but we also understand the importance of time management. If you have a busy schedule, live further away, or have a device that will take a bit longer to service (such as data recovery), then check out our mail-in option!

2016 S 320th St, Ste O
Federal Way, WA 98003

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The GadgetGenie Difference

With GadgetGenie, you put your device in the hands of our expert technicians for evaluation at no cost to you – from shipping to diagnosis. We’ll always offer the best solution to any problem we discover, and update you every step of the way!

  • “No Fix, No Fee” Policy

    We simply cannot stress this enough. Just about everything can be fixed, but we won’t charge you if it can’t – and we’ll continue working with you until we find the best solution!

  • Lifetime Warranty

    These are your devices and your way of life. We wish to preserve that! We take it upon ourselves to provide peace of mind and quality service, no matter the circumstance.

  • Fanatical customer service

    We’re crazy, but about customer service! It is important to us to provide a memorable, personal experience for all. We’re here to serve, and we always want to know how we can serve better!

  • Free shipping both ways

    You send us your phone, we fix it, and then send it right back! The only thing you pay for is the service we provide, but all shipping is free and expedited.

  • Expert, trained technicians

    Each team member within our organization is an esteemed peer, leader, and pathfinder with a precedence set of elite professionalism.

  • We are humans

    Our work speaks for itself, but we’re not perfect. We’re people – just like you! However, we won’t make excuses for you, nor will we accept them from ourselves.



What other say

  • I sent an email to Joe at GadgetGenie thinking it was a long shot but I was desperate and was at my final & last option. My iPhone 6+ went in water for about 30 seconds. I took it to a local phone shop and was told it wasn't the battery or the screen that was damaged but that it was internal parts and they didn't do that kind of work. I called AT&T & AppleCare after realizing none of my nearly 12,000 pictures & videos did not back up to iCloud and was told by both there was nothing they could do for me. I have documented my daughters life since birth with that phone and being the picture freak I am you can imagine how sick to my stomach I have been since this happened. Joe immediately responded to my messages and updated me as soon as he received my phone I had overnighted there. All within the same day I received a text saying he had recovered them all! I have no words to express how happy I am & truly thankful!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I 100% recommend anyone with phone troubles to contact these guys!

    – Liz C, Chicago, IL.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that started having the common endless reboot loop problem. This is a tricky problem requiring micro-soldering and a new power button on the phone. I called Payless repairs in Bellevue and they were honest enough to tell me that they did not do micro-soldering and referred me to where they send out phones for these types of delicate repairs. I called Joe at GadgetGenie and he gave me an outstanding price to fix not only my S4, but also two older S2's that were all suffering from the same issue. I sent the phones to Joe by FedEx on a Thursday afternoon. He fixed them all the next day by about 1 pm, called me to let me know they were done, we processed the payment by PayPal in real-time, and he shipped them back out to me the same day. I received the phones on Saturday all working again. It's been about two weeks now and no issues with the S4, and the S2's (which I will use a music players and for simple apps) are all working great. It's not easy to find someone you can trust and who delivers such fast service, and communicates clearly along the way. Joe did all of that perfectly. Will use his service again in the future and highly recommend you do too.

    – D S, Sammamish, WA.